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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Introducing Our Son Zinaw!

I've really been trying to find my groove lately and it hasn't included updating this blog.... unfortunately. I  think I've lost the drive that I used to have to keep this thing going... but... I am planning on trying to update more frequently.....really.  Yeah, I know you probably will believe it when you see it!  LOL


The reason for this post is to introduce our son Zinaw, who we just learned, will be turning 12 this month!  At this point we are waiting for word from the U.S. embassy in Ethiopia that our case is approved so that we can travel back over to get Zinaw and bring him home!  We are hoping to be able to travel sometime during the first two weeks of June.  This will be our third trip to Ethiopia since last November.....boy do I love that country!  We have been home with Amayah for over 3 months now, but it seems like so much longer than that.  I am missing Ethiopia, Addis, Layla house and my kids SO much, I'm so glad that we will be going back very soon!

Here is the reason for our next trip and the boy we miss more than words......
Zinaw wearing the Michigan shirt we sent him

Zinaw and Amayah just before we left Addis to come home with Amayah

Our daughter Haylie and Zinaw.  Haylie came with us on our last trip to Ethiopia.

Hang on Z....it won't be long now!!

Dreaming sweet dreams cuz I'm trip planning again!  Motherland.....here we come!  =)  



Amanda said...

He is such a handsome boy! June is just around the corner!!!

Sparrow said...

You have a beautiful son and your family is now more beautiful than ever. And yes...keep updating the blog.... :)

The Pastoor Family said...

Thanks so much guys....we definitely feel very blessed! Can't wait to get him home.....

Hoping me and this blog will get back to being BFF's very soon! LOL =)

Michelle said...

He is going to be such a wonderful addition to your family!

candice said...

What a sweet boy- congratulations!!!

We are an AAI family too- adopting two siblings that are 10 and 12 years old. It's a complicated story, but I know how you feel about just wanting to be back in Ethiopia loving on your boy. We left our children for the second time a few weeks ago with absolutely no idea when we would be back. It was heartbreaking and I miss them so much.

I look forward to following along with your journey. Keep up the blog when he is home too! :)

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